-Doug Miller

“Doug is a true HR professional. He has the uncanny ability to keep associates at ease with his open door policy, while maintaining the structure & discipline required to support the Corporate Goals. He is goals oriented & results driven. He is a great listener. He is full of ideas on how to inspire & increase productivity through teamwork. He is a clear communicator. He has a positive attitude & is "high energy" which directly influences the overall culture of an organization." -SVP Worldwide Operations

"During my time working with Doug he was the epitome of what an HR professional should be. Organized, easy to approach, great communication skills and an outstanding strategic vision of how to move a company forward through improved HR interaction and engagement. Always focused on the positive and how to construct solutions, he was equally adept in an executive level briefing as he was a one on one with an employee. His positive energy was also contagious and his management training series one of the best career development exercises I have seen. Doug had a way of communicating that was direct and to the point but also had respect for the individual/audience. Doug would be a great asset to any company and I give him my full recommendation." -VP Sales

"Doug was the consummate professional in a difficult environment. He fostered positive change and consistency in the delivery of the corporate vision. Doug was upbeat, enthusiastic, even in the face of resistance. He comes from a strategic plan for an organization and looks for buy-in, not just from management but from the associates themselves. Doug also has a great sense of humor and a way of communicating that is straight and to the point, but also has compassion and respect for the individual. I have no doubt that Doug would be a great asset to any company, particularly one looking to really enact positive change." -VP Product Development

“Doug Miller is a truly professional and extremely skilled HR Professional. He possesses the ability to assess the critical causes of positive growth and less productive employee behaviors while providing the skills to put in place action plans to drive an overall stronger organization. Doug worked amongst the leadership team at Catalyst providing an unbiased and extremely action oriented view of how to achieve positive internal(people development) and external (client growth). He was successful at probing issues, challenging the status quo, being daring, and recommending provocative solutions that drove positive change. Doug offers an approach that is hands-on and collaborative. I'd say, for sure, that the people at Catalyst felt his presence as a terrific benefit towards the fulfillment of their development. As a peer/co-worker, I felt that Doug would listen well, challenge me when he felt the need, and work with me to build consensus. He was a great partner.” -VP Client Service

“Doug was great in his role at Catalyst. He took a real interest in the employees and pushed for positive change in us all. He’s a great listener who can really understand and define problems within an organization in an effort to solve them. His approach is full of respect and professionalism. Any organization would be lucky to have him.” -Senior SEO Strategist

​“I worked with Doug at Catalyst. As the VP of Human Resources, he brought strategic thinking, organization and excellent coaching to the HR side of the company. In my experience, he was approachable, professional and has excellent communication skills. Professionally, I believe I was able to improve myself by listening to and applying his coaching ideas.” -SEO Specialist

“During Doug's tenure at Catalyst, he was able to bring a level of professionalism, focus, and accessibility that was greatly needed. What really stood out was that he worked hard to make sure that he was always accessible to everyone, improve employer/employee relations, help further develop the organization from an HR perspective, and ultimately navigate through the most challenging of circumstances. Doug would be a valuable asset to any HR organization and I hope that our paths cross again.” -Paid Search Director

"Doug is an exceptional HR visionary and a dynamic leader. I cannot more highly recommend him. It continues to amaze me how rare it is to find managers and/or executives who possess true leadership qualities; Doug is one of those unique and all too few individuals. Doug has the ability to see the larger picture while inspiring, motivating, connecting, and extracting the most out of those around him. During the time in which I worked with Doug, it was obvious how easily his natural leadership abilities emerged and moved the company forward. Doug has a consistent approach to decision making that is always based on sound, time-tested practices and reason, a characteristic that was appreciated by some of the most senior leaders all the way down to the newest and most junior hires. Doug will bring great value to any organization seeking a senior leader to find, develop, and retain key talent, while simultaneously providing strategic leadership and vision on a global scale. It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with him.” -HR Generalist

​“Doug displayed farsighted vision in organizational development and an openness to work with recruiting to establish talent acquisition best practices. He promoted a holistic approach to human resources that looked at the health of the organization as a whole with recruiting, training, and employee relation playing a critical part in developing a culture that espoused healthy retention and accountability. Doug approached HR not as a service to the firm but as a Business Partner that would enhance the inner workings of HR/Recruitment and develop the Catalyst employment brand in line with internal expectations and external perceptions.” -Sr. Recruiter

“Doug is a highly talented Human Resources professional who is able to bridge gaps, make connections and build pipelines like no other - Doug was always able to find the 'impossible to find' candidates. He is incredibly hard-working and talented - I am amazed by his work ethic and can-do attitude every day. He is dependable, accountable, and willing to go the extra mile to help his colleagues. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with him.” -Director Marketing

“Doug is a natural talent as an HR leader. His superior interpersonal skills allow him to approach a variety of people on often sensitive issues without causing them to become defensive. He is able to win people's trust and support to achieve strategic or developmental goals for the organization. Doug was instrumental in helping to restructure Yankee Group's workforce and was able to shepherd the organization through difficult times; all the while helping to find new talent to meet the needs of the company. It was a pleasure working with Doug. He would be a tremendous benefit to any firm that was able to secure him.” -Director Marketing

“Doug was an incredibly responsive VP of HR at Yankee Group. He struck a solid balance of looking out for the interests of the company and its employees. How the employees felt about their job and their career was obviously important to Doug. He worked diligently to make Yankee group a place where people wanted to work and cared about the company, their own future and the future of co-workers. He managed through some difficult moments at Yankee Group and did so with professionalism, caring and a great sense of humor. He'd be an asset to any HR organization.” -Principal Analyst

“I had the pleasure with working with Doug for over four years at Yankee Group. During his tenure, Doug had a immense positive impact on every level of our organization, from the executive-level through line managers to on-boarding entry level employees. He is a deft problem solver, team-player, excellent communicator, and brings a passion for organizational development and HR best practices. Doug would be a stellar addition to any organization looking to get the most from its staff while building a culture of continuous improvement. Highest recommendation.” -VP Research

“In my time working with Doug, I always found him to be a valuable, professional and effective HR executive who helped to guide and support an extremely employee friendly environment at Yankee Group. From strategic development to "roll up the sleeves" execution across many projects (in both HR and general operations and planning) my interactions and projects with Doug were always positive and valuable, both to the culture of the company and to the support of the employee programs. I would highly recommend Doug to any organization looking to add a HR executive who can drive and effect the culture of their organization for the positive.” -VP Sales and Business Development

“Doug is one of the finest managers I have had the pleasure of working for and with. His HR knowledge is unsurpassed as are his skills in coaching, employee development and negotiating. He is not afraid to address conflict and has instructed others on how to do so. Doug was both appreciative and supportive of ideas I shared with him often offering suggestions on how to best implement them. He is a patient instructor and not afraid to delegate, allowing me to further develop my basic HR knowledge. He assumes many tasks and being a true corporate citizen is mindful of budgets. Nothing is beneath him from changing a light bulb to assembling office furniture if it saves the company money. And as busy as he is, his door is always open for advice and support.” -HR Coordinator

“I worked directly with Doug doing work as a senior recruiter for him. He is a great manager who allows you the freedom to do your job while providing good direction and lots of support. He’s highly collaborative with other managers and not afraid to recognize and take on a difficult challenge. Through his hard work and effectiveness, Doug has respect and trust of top leadership and all his coworkers. A pleasure to work with, I recommend him highly for any HR role.” -Managing Director Talent Acquisition

“I truly appreciate how Doug helped me to grow professionally. He has helped me to speak with confidence, challenge the status quo, and debate my point of view. Everyone in the office saw Doug as someone you can talk with and have your concerns addressed frankly and honestly. I felt comfortable talking to him. I knew I would be given excellent advice and have his support. Doug was more than my manager. I feel as if he was a co-pilot and is a friend. His amazing personality, enthusiasm, and work ethic set him apart from my past managers. Doug will have an immediate impact within any organization he is a part of.” -IT Manager

“Doug facilitated my initial hiring and on-boarding process at Yankee Group as well as my transition to the research team months later. He is a professional, fair and energetic person who strives to understand and best support his colleagues. Doug would make a valuable contribution to any organization's team.” -Analyst

“Doug was an extremely effective HR manager at Yankee Group. His honesty and objectivity established him as a highly regarded leader at YG, and his positive personality and approachable nature created a supportive HR atmosphere at the company.” -Analyst

“I had the pleasure with working with Doug at Yankee Group for over 4 years. Working with Doug as a peer always was a rewarding experience. His expertise in HR Best practices along with his excellent communications skills and being a team player we felt through every level of the organization. Doug would be a great addition to any organization looking for a a top notch HR professional. Highest recommendation” -Controller

“I had the pleasure of working with Doug at Yankee Group. He is a gifted communicator and has a knack for keeping those around him grounded, upbeat and encouraged to succeed. As cliché as it may sound, he strives to maintain the ‘human’ in Human Resources. It was a delight to work with him, and any organization keen enough to seek him out would be extremely fortunate. I truly hope that we end up on the same team again some day.” -Program Manager Events

​“Doug is the perfect HR manager. Efficient, objective, knowledgeable and highly personable. Absolutely recommended.” -Research Manager

​"Doug Miller was and is my mentor and someone whom I greatly admire. Doug has been my inspiration for the past seven years and having had the opportunity to work directly with him I learned so much in a short period of time and for that I am grateful. Doug is a knowledgeable leader who brought our HR Department to the next level of visibility and credibility within the organization. Doug's operations focused approach had such an impact on how HR was perceived that it changed our reputation and perceived value as a business partner within the organization I feel that Doug will be an asset to any organization and with a focus on excellence, evolution and operations he will play an integral role in bringing any organization to the next level with process improvements, mentoring and expertise in strategic planning. It was a pleasure to work with Doug and I hope to do so again in the future.” -Benefits Manager