HR Focus Point offers expert HR consulting services, impactful employee training, leadership development, diversity and inclusion engagement, motivational speaking, and coaching programs.

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We are a catalyst to move organizations forward by being a strategic driver, engaging with businesses on multiple levels, and increasing leadership capabilities. Our signature motivational speaking engagement centers around the concept of Everything Pins to Leadership® with multiple off-shoot training programs to effectively develop leaders in an increasingly complex world. 


At one time or another, business leaders determine they need to focus on the realities of today. There are a host of challenges continuously facing leaders. HR Focus Point is here to help focus on a defined business strategy and how to achieve success whether that’s achieving the tactical side of HR, bringing a strategic approach to HR, or to ultimately increase an organization’s leadership capacity. 



Develop and deliver upon a highly-customized objective statement. This may include program, process, and system audits; people analytics and employee engagement; needs fulfillment; HR program development; and so on.


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We work every day to showcase our values in some meaningful way within ourselves, between one another, and for our clients.


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