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Develop and deliver upon a highly-customized objective statement. This may include program, process, and system audits; people analytics and employee engagement; needs fulfillment; HR program development; and so on.

Generally our clients fall into one of five categories:


Our business has grown quickly and we've been holding the HR elements together with baling wire, duct tape, and a band-aid.


Our current HR team (or person) is home-grown and simply doesn't know.


We just need help. The HR team is overwhelmed, underprepared, or not the right fit for what we need...TBD.


A change in our business is happening or is anticipated -- we need to partner with some outside expertise. 


We've experienced some turnover.

Below are various avenues of engagement where HR Focus Point can be

your dependable partner in HR.

It doesn't cost anything to have a conversation.

HR consulting for small businesses

HR consulting for startups

HR consulting for SMBs

HR consulting for medium-sized businesses

HR outsourcing

An integrated approach to weaving all the various elements of HR together to work powerfully together--where dependencies begin to form that allows each program to have greater meaning and impact. 

Integrated Talent Management

Integrated Talent Management

A disciplined approach to workforce planning. When organizations grow, we typically do a lot of opportunistic hiring to meet the needs of the business and as the business evolves and talent changes, we should be reorienting our structures to meet the needs of a changing landscape and to prepare for growth.

Organizational Development


Today's workforce requires a progressive and connected approach to performance management. At HR Focus Point, we sew various components together to development an impactful program using talent reviews, continuous feedback loops, personal learning plans, and other multi-pronged channels.

Performance Management Program

Management Program

A comprehensive program looking at base pay, corporate bonus, sales incentives, long-term incentives, and pay equity then looking at the total rewards strategy. A vital component is ensuring variable pay programs encourage desired behaviors and provides interactive tools for better understanding and improved adoption.

Compensation Management Program

Management Program

Imagine a world where you have insights into the employee journey of various employee personas. This initiative provides storytelling capabilities and data-driven decision making to improve overall employee engagement for increased satisfaction and ultimate improved productivity. 

Employee Engagement & People Analytics

Employee Engagement &
People Analytics

Providing the HR due diligence leadership during an M&A process--providing the components to evaluate with a plan to incorporate the many variables. After an M&A event, effective global culture integration is critical to ensuring the ultimate objectives are met.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Culture Integration

Mergers & Acquisitions
and Culture Integrations
Diversity Students

Get deep into understanding your organization's state-of-the-state by peeling back perceptions through engagement and action. We do this by conducting interviews, facilitating focus groups, and begin to make an impact through engaged training. Realize the richness that diversity brings people and organizations.  Don't be left behind.

Diversity & Inclusion Engagement & Training

Diversity & Inclusion
Engagement & Training

This program starts with an audit of existing practices, policies, processes and systems then provides a roadmap to address deficiencies and align to a more effective execution, improved data integrity, and increased compliance.  

Infrastructure Assessment & Alignment 

Infrastructure Assessment
& Alignment

There is a host of global HR programs that are sustainable and impactful in the areas of learning & development, performance, compensation, benefits, recognition, communication, change management, amongst others.

Global HR

Program Development

Global HR
Program Development

There are many things to consider proactively in this arena to prepare for growth and scale, or for a realignment of space needs. This includes assessing talent saturation in a particular market, opening new talent pools, hiring various worker types in various countries, and space configuration. This service can also include office search, design, build-out, and setup.


Space Planning

Space Planning
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