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Surviving Work from Home as an Extrovert

Kelly Maturi

HR Focus Point, Inc.

May 8, 2020

With this global pandemic we are seeing thousands of organizations deal with fully remote workforces for the first time. For some, this is the dream they’ve been waiting for--working from home every day with an abundance of productivity. For others such as myself, and the many extroverts out there, this may be the exact opposite--feeling a lack of engagement, fulfillment, and motivation.

Below are 5 tips for helping survive working from home as an extrovert:

1-Schedule as much as you can: Take time at the beginning of the week to schedule out your meetings. Start with your work but add in some of your household chores such as laundry or doing dishes. This will help give you breaks throughout the day and keep you focused and motivated.

2-Engage, Engage, Engage: Weekly, even a daily check-in with your manager will feel as a must-have while being fully remote. In times like these you’ll need your manager’s guidance and presence to help you calibrate. This is also the perfect time to find moments of engagement with co-workers you may not ordinarily interact with.

3-Socialize: Virtually socialize with your manager, colleagues, friends, family, or anyone you can chat with via video to make you feel connected, needed, and wanted. Always use video when you can and remember presence is not just in-person physical interaction--it's the spirit that those who care about you are there when you need them and working on your behalf. Find virtual social social activities such as remote beer Fridays, where people hop-on a group video chat with their favorite beverage. My husband’s company has a group of people that meet weekly to do a happy hour game such as charades, Pictionary, etc. I have even scheduled a weekly Yahtzee night with our best friends via Zoom.

4-Self Care: Make sure you are doing things to help take care of yourself as well. This includes anything that can make you feel good, whether that’s binge watching Netflix, putting on a face mask, walking outside or even working out. Do something that makes you feel accomplished whatever that may be, not matter how big or small.

5-Stay Positive: While stuck inside, try to find pockets of gratitude and affirmations that this will end at some point. You don’t necessarily have to be a cheerleader but find some small thing you are grateful for every day. Many articles and studies devoted to the neuroscience behind positive thinking endorse this concept. Since this has been an unprecedented time my life, I know I will have a new appreciation for small dinners with friends at our house and getting togethers with family in the future.

Hopefully these tips will help and remember to check-in on your fellow extroverts during this time!


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